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When My Selfish Heart wants to do Big For God. . .

When My Selfish Heart wants to do Big For God. . . (Acts 8:18-23)

Last March, I decided to start my blog for Christ. My Christian Identity is something that I wanted to do to help young and of all ages Christians like me who wants yet struggles to follow the Lord in their day-to-day Living.
As na├»ve and passionate as I am, I did so, thus you have it, reading this article today. However, as I went on, self life butts in again – that this blog is still about me. I thought that I am still doing it for God, but does I?
Like every young adult, I am always a dreamer and I always want to do big for the Lord. I joined Compassion bloggers recently and it does gives me so much joy to be able to help poor children to be release from poverty through my writings. But as insecurity and self doubt crepts in, I can’t wait enough for God’s timing to tell me what’s next. Here is to desire to start a fundraiser campaign for bible giving and creating water wells, then there’s another thing of applying to joi…

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