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Right Judgment Before a Dirty Heart Part Two : The Way of Man and God’s Solution

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Before reading this, make sure that you had read the first part in order to make sure that we are on the same page of the matter. If you haven't read Part 1, click here .

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Right Judgment Before a Dirty Heart Part Two : The Way of Man and God’s Solution
Key Points: 1.The main problem of man is sin. 2.To Sin means to disobey God. 3.Because of sin, men were eternally separated from God and the ones perfect creations are now being perverted with shame, selfishness, hardships and poverty. 4.Satan’s tactics is to instill doubt to the Word of God and the Love and Righteousness of God. 5.The root cause of sin is ignorance to the Truth. 6.God’s solution is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ – the Word who became flesh. 7.God’s Gospel of Righteousness centers on Jesus crucifixion, burial and resurrection to which we place our hope and faith today.
The Way of Man Being like gods of our own selves, man surely wouldn’t just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment while waiting for …

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